Electronics technician for machines and drive engineering (M/F/D)


As an electronics technician (m/f/d), you will undertake various tasks in connection with manufacture, assembly, commissioning and maintenance of electrical drives and machines, including the transformers in different designs manufactured by the SGB.

You will learn, how primary windings are established, active parts are assembled, and mechanical, hydraulic and electrical components and assemblies are fitted. Moreover, we show you how to draw up, change and oversee control and feedback control system programs and run electrical and mechanical tests. In the course of training you will undertake error analyses, inspections and maintenance.


  • Middle maturity or well-qualified middle school diploma
  • Good grades in Maths, Science subjects and German
  • Technical interest and skills
  • Ability to quickly grasp concepts
  • Teamwork and reliability
  • Motivation and commitment

Commencement and end of vocational training

  • Commencement as of 1 September in each case
  • Duration 3.5 years

Application Period

  • September to March as for commencement in the following year