A huge product range
suiting all requirements

Utilities and industrial engineers the world over trust in the products made by SGB-SMIT Group and its companies in Germany, Malaysia, Netherlands, USA, Romania, Czech Republic, India, China, Southafrica and France.

Large Power Transformers up to 765KV

Large Power Transformers within the SGB-SMIT Group are manufactured in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. A very modern production facility with no limitations in size and weight, where the transformers can be shipped to the port of Rotterdam within 1 day. The unique single-winding-clamping-construction is used for the large power transformers, contributing to the very high quality standard of our transformers. read more

Medium Power Transformers

There is hardly a problem we have not yet solved, hardly a design that we have not already built for many years of experience in the area of power transformers makes you variable, create flexibility and gives you a high degree of problem-solving ability. Know-how as standard in all productions sites in Germany, Malaysia and the USA. read more

Oil distribution Transformers

More than 60 years of know-how and experience is reflected in the oil distribution transformers made by SGB-SMIT Group. Our production (in Germany and Malaysia) is based on high-quality production materials, and we place the highest emphasis on first-class workmanship. The result: oil distribution transformers of maximum reliability! read more

Dry type transformers

For dry type transformers the production program of the SGB-SMIT Group covers a range of up to 25 MVA at nominal voltages up to 40.5 kV. The production facilities are located in Germany, France, Czech Republic, USA, Malaysia, India and China. Technologically, a distinction is made between VPI transformers (France and USA), fully encapsulated cast resin transformers (at all seven locations) and reactors (France). In the USA, a particularly innovative and economical variant of the VPI transformers is manufactured with the Compact Core Design. read more


With continual innovation, optimisation and customer-oriented solutions, Lahmeyer Compact Stations have operated worldwide. Even in the toughest operating conditions in countries such as Thailand, Saudi Arabia or in the mountains of Switzerland and Austria, our Compact Stations reliably do their job. Our production in Neumark guarantees manufacturing and inspection in accordance with the most up-to-date standards and delivers the highest quality and operating safety. read more

Special transformers

Special requirements call for special solutions. For this SGB-SMIT Group offers special transformers and inductive components. read more

Transformer service

Regular maintenance carried out by the specialists of SGB-SMIT group increases the operating life of each transformer and thereof limits the risk of unplanned shut downs, failures and load losses. The professionals of SGB-SMIT group have years of experience and all the necessary technical know-how, to ensure accurate diagnoses and rapid repair. They are internationally valued for their problem-solving ability. read more