Transformer service

A team of permanent all-round service specialists and project leaders is available to solve every conceivable transformer or tap-changer problem in every model or make. They also carry out effective and efficient work for regular maintenance of the transformer pool.

SMIT Transformer Service is the service representative for Machinefabriek Reinhausen. SMIT Transformer Service's tap-changer specialists hold the MR premium service provider certificate.

Our own oil analysis laboratory directly links the results from oil quality and dissolved gas analyses or ageing inspections to the actual circumstances of the transformer involved. In this way, we not only provide the numbers, but also the appropriate advice and solutions. The data may be viewed on line based on contracts.


The services offered include the following:

  • taking and analysing oil samples;
  • tap-changerinspections and repair of all existing makes by our staff that includes several specialists holding the MR Premium Service certificate;
  • replacing drives and accessories;
  • testing and replacing bushings;
  • taking and analysing paper samples;
  • upgrading all types of radiators, fans and pumps through replacement or additions;
  • thorough and durable fixing of leaks;
  • transporting and expert assembly of all makes and sizes;
  • oil treatment and regeneration;
  • diagnostic measurements and advice;
  • spare parts or alternative custom-made parts.


Maintenance by SMIT Transformer Service specialists extends the operating life of every transformer, while enhancing operational safety. Of course, maintenance costs money, but ultimately it saves much more. Regular oil analysis, for example, keeps a check on the quality of the transformer, while regular tap-changer inspections guarantee a transformer's operational safety. Transformer Service uses specialist equipment for maintenance, including an oil treatment facility, vacuum pumps and a mobile testing unit. The quality of the work done by SMIT technicians every time guarantees an operationally safe transformer.


What is the condition of your transformer pool?

Inspecting transformers is an important aspect of the work carried out by SMIT Transformer Service. In practice this means that a technician assesses the condition of the transformers by means of visual inspections and by taking readings.

The readings consist of a range of oil analyses and electrical measurements. The results and the interpretation thereof provide a clear picture of the state of repair the transformer is in. The inspection could lead to initiating a course of maintenance, repair or overhaul. In this way, potential faults can be tracked down and prevented at an early stage. The result is that transformers can continue to operate effectively and reliably for years ahead.

Oil Inspection

SMIT Transformer Service has access to its own laboratory for oil analysis. Tasks carried out here include:

  1. assessing the oil quality by means of tests for breakdown voltage, moisture content, interfacial tension and acidity (pH value) among other things;
  2. dissolved gas analysis which assesses the condition of the transformer and which is also the basis for diagnostics in the event of faults;
  3. estimate of remaining service life of the transformer by assessing the dp value of the paper and the furan content of the oil, among other things.


Tap changer service

As a result of producing its own control switches up to the end of the 1980s, fundamental expertise has been acquired in this specific transformer component. This is enhanced by the fact that we are the Certified Premium Service Provider for the market leader, Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen. Our all-round service specialists service and repair all conceivable models and makes of control switches, including for example those from TU, AEG, Siemens, ACEC, ELIN, and of course those from Reinhausen and SMIT.

Tap-changer repair

We carry out time-based tap-changer inspection for many of our customers, as well as condition-dependent repair, where necessary. This gives our customers maximum certainty that a tap-changer will function reliably. Operating life can also be extended by means of an overhaul of the tap-changer and motor drive. Customers may also opt to replace their old, out-dated tap-changer and drive with a modern one from Reinhausen.



Mobile testing unit and testing following repairs

Transporting a large transformer to a workshop for repairs is both time-consuming and expensive. Moreover, the associated hazards are exacerbated by the often considerable age of the transformer and the state of the roads, rails and harbours. The quest for alternatives leads to repair and subsequent testing on-site. Many transformer defects can be attended to on-site. Smit Transformer Service's professionals have at their disposal all the necessary expertise and mobile equipment needed, including vacuum pumps, oil treatment system and storage tanks. Their experience in both project leadership and execution guarantees repairs carried out to 100% with respect to quality and to schedule.

Repairs in the workshop

For repairs at Nijmegen, a full purpose-built repair workshop with sufficient hoisting capacity, drying ovens and testing facilities is used.


If a transformer suffers a fault, rapid action is required. SMIT Transformer Service's professionals have at their disposal all the necessary expertise, provide razor-sharp diagnoses and have high problem-solving capacity. These experienced specialists are recognised for their rapid reaction times as a result of being reachable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Extension of operating life

Extending the operating life of transformers occurs with increasing frequency. It has become clear that transformers built in the 1960s and 1970s can continue to function outstandingly for another 20 years, provided they have undergone an overhaul. This means that the operating life of a transformer is in fact extended as a result of an overhaul by SMIT Transformer Service specialists.

Mobile testing

High-Voltage Transformer Test

The High-Voltage Transformer Test using the mobile testing unit is the most up-to-date, complete and practicable solution for providing rapid testing, analysis and diagnostics at high quality.

With its mobile testing unit, SMIT Transformer Service offers the option of carrying out a High-Voltage Transformer Test on site. The system is suited to every model, brand or class of transformer. The system's modular grouping enables Smit Transformer Service to test to the highest voltage levels in every situation. The reports incorporate accurate information on the current condition of the individual transformer.

As a High-Voltage Transformer Test is conducted on site, you save both time and money. Following on-site repairs, you will receive direct insight into the results and the quality of the service work carried out. As a result, you will be able to determine immediately if the transformer is in a condition to be put into operation again, whether it concerns a repaired, an overhauled or a new transformer.

Spare Parts

SMIT Transformer Service is also the right place for special transformer parts. We maintain a wide range of parts, including dried and degassed transformer oil; bushings; air-driers; every type of safety equipment; branching switches; control switches; drives; gaskets; fans; radiators.

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