Transformer service

A team of permanent all-round service specialists and project leaders is available to solve every conceivable transformer or tap-changer problem in every model or make. They also carry out effective and efficient work for regular maintenance of the transformer pool.

​​​​​​​Oil Inspection

With the new oil laboratory, AOL (Accredited Oil Laboratory) in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, SMIT Transformer Service has access to its own laboratory for oil analyses. Tasks carried out here include:

  1. assessing the oil quality by means of tests for breakdown voltage, moisture content, interfacial tension and acidity (pH value) among other things;
  2. dissolved gas analysis, which assesses the condition of the transformer and which is also the basis for diagnostics in the event of faults;
  3. estimate of remaining service life of the transformer by assessing the dp value of the paper and the furan content of the oil, among other things.

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