Practice is the decisive factor

"All theory is grey" as Goethe once said. Whoever studies today or continues their studies is wise to use and adopt knowledge acquired as early as possible. Practical study is considered to be a guarantor for getting started in your professional life. The SGB-SMIT group can therefore offer a variety of opportunities: traineeships within the framework of studies, continued education or further training and also degree work or assignments as a student employee.

With practice-assignment you will gain an extensive insight into the procedures of an internationally successful electrical engineering business and will be able to deal with demanding entrepreneurial and technical tasks. Both sides will benefit from this set-up.

With this opportunity we can then see whether we are a perfect match.

Company Placements

Are you studying engineering, business management, industrial engineering or IT and would like to supplement your study through practical experience?

SBG offers committed students the chance to deal extensively with technical and economic issues within the framework of a company placement and to also get to know the daily running of the company and the structures and processes in a leading international medium-sized company. We also offer company placements within the framework of retraining or further education schemes.

You should allow 2 to 6 months for a company placement and 6 weeks for a basic or pre-study industrial practical. Have a look under the Vacancies column for places offered on company placements. You could also be proactive and write to the address below.


Diploma Thesis

Are you just about to finish your study and are looking for an exciting set of issues for your diploma thesis? Would you also now like to finally test your acquired theoretical knowledge with its suitability for practical experience?

For the thesis of your study, SBG can offer you challenging themes from the fields of engineering, production and business management for an operating time of 3 to 6 months.

Look under the Vacancies column for themes offered for a diploma thesis or contact us and let us define common goals and contents for your work.

This could be the first step towards a future successful co-operation.


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Annalena Ederer

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Anita Kölbel

Phone: +49 (0)3 76 00 83 - 1 22

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Academic studies with practice partnership