Specialist for warehouse logistics (M/F/D)


In the scope of the training, you will learn:

  • How to control goods quantitatively and qualitatively, as well as to input data and create error logs
  • How to check accompanying documents according to operational specifications and for correctness and completeness, considering customs and dangerous goods regulations
  • Which standards, dimensions, quantities and weight units have to be observed
  • How specially to handle with dangerous goods, hazardous working materials, customs goods, in compliance with labels and symbols
  • Which transport packaging and filing materials are to be selected in terms of type of goods as well as transport, environmental compatibility and economy
  • How to load and store consignments according to goods characteristics and transport
  • How loading lists and loading plans must be drawn up in compliance with the loading regulations
  • How to process shipping and accompanying documents and comply with external economic regulations
  • How to ensure communication with previous and subsequent functional areas


  • Middle maturity or qualified middle school diploma
  • Good grades in Germand, good knowledge of English is also an advantage
  • Technical interest and draftsmanship
  • Ability to quickly grasp concepts
  • Teamwork and reliability
  • Motivation and commitment

Commencement and end of vocational training

  • Commencement as of 1 September in each case
  • Duration: generally 3 years