The first distribution transformers from new production area in Neumark

SBG Neumark is one of the members of the SGB-SMIT Group which has always followed our principle of “dedicated“ – today, the site presents itself within the Group as a specialist for individual distribution transformers and special designs. No matter whether intrinsic values or external appearance are in the focus: Those with specific performance demands requiring transformers with precise dimensional restrictions or is seeking special equipment are spot on at SBG. And it goes without saying that the special distribution transformers (SDT) are painted according to the customer’s specifications.

To provide the SDTs with the space needed for production, the foundations for the expansion of a workshop annex were laid in Neumark in 2016. In this additional production area, power transformers up to an overall mass of 40 tons can be manufactured. Mid-November 2017, the initial transformers were delivered to the customers after having passed their acceptance tests. The first special distribution transformer produced in the new area was a 10 MVA double-tier rectifier transformer with a total mass of 26 tons. This transformer is not only an eye-catcher thanks to its red color (specified by the customer), but also offers interesting technical features: thanks to its special design, it contributes to reduction harmonics within the grid. This special transformer is but a first partial delivery. It is to get a technically identical twin, and four additional, identically designed transformers, but of 15 MVA each, have also been ordered. They will be dispatched in the next few weeks.

Moreover, in week 45 of the last year, the first of three 20 MVA regulating transformers ordered had already been loaded onto a low-bed trailer by a gantry crane, and dispatched to the customer as a special transport. It features a mass in completed condition of 39.3 tons and, acting as a on-load regulation transformer, is capable of changing the DC voltage on the output side. Manufacture of the active parts with subsequent drying and installation into the tank were effected in the new area with the new production extension impressively demonstrating its capacity.

Customer-focus, engineering know-how and enhanced production facilities: SBG Neumark, the Saxon member of the SGB-SMIT Group, is optimally positioned for the still young new year and is pleased about its full order books.