Smart grids, intelligent transformers: SGB-SMIT switches to digital control with immediate effect

'Smart Grid', the intelligent electricity network, is one of the most important buzzwords when it comes to power transmission and distribution. And for good reason: Increasing decentralization, fluctuating loads due to renewable energies and more and more producers who already feed into the lower voltage levels pose major challenges for the power grids. The answer to this is the Smart Grid, which uses the opportunities offered by digitalization for monitoring, control and optimization.

Together with its cooperation partner Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen (MR), the SGB-SMIT Group now offers its customers transformers that integrate perfectly into Smart Grids and offer operators connectivity, cost-effectiveness and expandability. However, these transformers can also be integrated into (still) current networks and expand their possibilities. The launch was at Cigré 2018 in Paris, the global conference and exhibition of the International Council on Large Electric Systems. With immediate effect, the SGB-SMIT Group's entire range of power transformers in the power range from 20 MVA to 1,000 MVA will be offered with a digital control – and thereby made smart.

This digital control operates independently in stand-alone mode and does not rely on any connection to data networks, known as 'edge computing' . However, it offers all the possibilities for connecting later and thereby access to valuable applications for monitoring and asset management.

The centerpiece of the smart transformers from SGB-SMIT is an in-house transformer operating system, the SGB-SMIT TOS (Transformer Operating System). This is the first open operating system for power transformers, which has a modular design and can be individually equipped with applications and functions for control and regulation. The SGB-SMIT TOS consists of the transformer control cabinet, the on-load tap-changer control, and sensors for the monitoring system. The compact design and complete integration of SGB-SMIT TOS ensure that the digitally upgraded transformers require even less space for the secondary equipment than today’s practice.

Transformers with SGB-SMIT TOS can optionally be operated and monitored local and centrally via remote control. For asset managers, this means more intelligent maintenance of equipment and for grid operators, simpler, more efficient control.

SGB-SMIT TOS is an open operating system for transformers that can be expanded with modules and can also be integrated into existing technology. The usable, comprehensive connectivity ensures significantly simplified operation and optimum maintenance. SGB-SMIT TOS thereby offers a whole range of advantages, of which we can only mention a few key points here:

  • SGB-SMIT TOS can be expanded into a central, easy-to-operate communication interface on the transformer (EDGE computing) by connecting sensors and protective devices.
  • SGB-SMIT TOS is a manufacturer-independent system solution with an open operating system. Sensors from all suppliers can be integrated – thanks to standardized interfaces. These can also be retrofitted at a later date.
  • Depending on the configuration, SGB-SMIT TOS enables extensive remote diagnosis during operation, without any need for travel. This includes, for example, calculating the aging rate or loss-of-life of the transformer, monitoring the cooling efficiency or calculating the maintenance interval of the on-load tap-changer.
  • The new diagnostic options, cost-effective early detection and condition-based maintenance recommendations lead to a reduction in life cycle costs (LCC) for the transformer.
  • The functional integration of SGB-SMIT TOS into the control cabinet is cost neutral compared to today’s transformer. The customer thereby enjoys all the advantages of digitalization with simultaneous cost optimisation.
  • SGB-SMIT TOS provides a high degree of operational reliability and stability:
    The hardware is specially optimized for rough operation on power transformers. In this way, the most diverse environmental conditions can be mastered.

Flexibility was one of the central requirements in the development of the new SGB-SMIT TOS – and it is not just possible to only equip new transformers with it. This digitalization tool can even be retrofitted to transformers of various designs and performance classes that are already in operation. With SGB-SMIT TOS, the customers of the SGB-SMIT Group are optimally prepared for all future developments. And SGB-SMIT’s on-site technicians take care of assembly, commissioning and familiarization with the system in the usual professional manner.

With new transformers, the degree of digitalization and configuration can be determined entirely according to the customer’s wishes – always based on the new digital transformer control as a modular and flexible basis.

Would you like to use SGB-SMIT TOS technologies to make your network even smarter? Then please contact us at or via your preferred contact person.