SGB China and Giant DC Signing Strategic Cooperation Agreement, Jointly Building Giant Data Center in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region

In early May 2021, SGB China won the bidding of Giant DC’s “Tianjin Base of Big Data Industry around Beijing” Phase I project. On May 21, SGB China and Tianjin Giant DC Technology Company Limited signed a strategic cooperation agreement on the Fifth WIC World Intelligence Congress.

Yang Yiyi, the GM of SGB Yancheng , Li Weixin, the VGM of SGB Yancheng, Gao Xingbin, the Sales Director of North China, Yang Yanhong, the Sales Manager, Zhao Jiangbin, the Chairman of Giant DC, Zhang Jian, the General Manager, Zhao Fengzhan, the Purchasing Director, and other senior leaders from both parties witnessed this important occasion together. Yang Yiyi and Zhang Jian delivered speeches and signed the strategic cooperation agreement on behalf of both parties. 

Yang Yiyi, the GM of SGB Yancheng stated that, “In 2021, the reform of data center industry will continue, and the era of giant data center has been unfolding. Standing at the new historical starting point, we are honored to participate in the Giant DC’s “Tianjin Base of Big Data Industry around Beijing” Phase I project through the way of strategic cooperation. As the industry leader likewise, we will interpret opportunities and expect prospect, and in the meanwhile jointly cultivate the new benchmark in the industry with own best “genes”.

Data center industry is a service industry that requires very high technology, providing safe places, continuous electricity, suitable environment, stable network, and professional operation and maintenance services to a large amount of electronic information equipment of enterprises. If we compare data center as a life entity, the electrical power system is one of the most important genetic sequences, while as the most basic unit in the electrical power system, the reliability of transformer determines whether the whole electrical power system can operate more efficiently and safely.

SGB Cast Resin (Dry Type) transformers is part of the SGB-SMIT Group, a manufacturer of distribution and power transformers and one of the largest transformer manufacturers in world with a hundred years of experience in research and development of transformer.

SGB is already a supplier for internationally renowned companies in the Data Center industry for many years with more than thousand units provided to that market.   

SGB operates 7 production facilities worldwide what allows for local and flexible supplies, being highly recognized by global customers. The series of solution plans of SGB transformers, including electrical reliability, mechanical reliability, safety, economy, and efficiency, have always been leading the industry, with advanced technology advantage and excellent innovation ability, so as to ensure safe and reliable operation of electrical power system of data center. 

Zhang Jian, the General Manager of Giant DC, stated that, “Data center industry and power industry are inseparable, and the stable operation of electrical power system and electrical equipment is crucial for Giant DC. Therefore, we need to adopt electrical equipment with high reliability, and excellent product performance proven by abundant successful cases.

As the industry leader, SGB has been providing more than one thousand intelligent dry type transformer specially used for data center to many internationally renowned enterprises in the data center industry, and its products have been leading the industry in many aspects including electrical reliability, mechanical reliability, safety, economy and efficiency. I believe that our good cooperative relationship will help ensure the safe and reliable operation of our data center power system.”

Tianjin Giant DC Technology Company Limited is a brand new enterprise transformed from an iron and steel enterprise, and now engaging in data center construction and cooperation. The predecessor of the company is a private key enterprise with a long history -- Tianjin Tianzhong Giant Heavy Industry Company Limited. Giant DC started with the project of “Tianjin Base of Big Data Industry around Beijing” located in Beichen District Tianjin, with overall layout in internet data center industry, in order to support and promote the digitalization and intelligent transformation of the whole society with stable and reliable IDC infrastructure services and integrated solutions.

“Tianjin Base of Big Data Industry around Beijing” is the giant data center industry park of Giant DC, located in Beichen District Tianjing, covering an area of >17ha. In this base, it is planned to construct eight green and energy efficient giant data centers in total, with abundant space for expansion by stages, wherein the first data center will adopt indirect evaporative cooling technology with a capacity of 5000 equipment cabinet. It will be put into operation by the end of 2021. The industry park has a 220kV transformer substation, with the power supply capacity up to 480 MVA. After full completion, 40000 cabinets can be deployed in the whole park, which will make it into a highly reliable and environment friendly data center park with leading scale and power capacity, advanced design concepts, and intelligent operation and management in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region.

Both parties will give full play to their own resource advantages and technology power by signing the strategic agreement between SGB China and Giant DC. With the principles of strength gathering in joint efforts, complementary advantages, and interconnection and mutual benefit, both parties will further explore the new scenario and new mode in data center, so as to create more values for customers of data center industry with the more energy saving, more reliable and safer product services, to save up strength and provide power to China’s new digital infrastructure.


Introduction of SGB China:

SGB-SMIT Group is one of leading power transformer manufacturers in the world, with its base in Regensburg, Germany. It has more than 10 production and manufacturing bases, over 3500 employees, and end-users in more than 80 countries worldwide, with the annual turnover more than 800 million Euros. The experience of manufacturing transformers of SGB-SMIT Group can be traced back to 1913, and its products cover power and distribution transformer in all capacities and voltage classes.

SGB China adheres to the concept of “Century-Old Electric Enterprises Assisting China”, and introduces excellent products of SGB-SMIT Group into China, committed to provide service to more local China customers.