SBG takes the next step

By developing a 4 MVA KFWF regulating transformer, SBG has taken the next step in the consistent implementation of its strategic targets.

The transformer was developed in collaboration with "Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen", which provided the ECOTAP VPD on-load tap changer.
This is the smallest tap changer which has been developed for use in ester with an insulation voltage of 30 kV and a maximum current of 100 A.
At a power of 4 MVA, the transformer has a width of only 840 mm!
It is therefore suitable for use in the smallest tower currently existing for wind power plants of this power range.
With its integrated tap changer, this transformer sets new standards in connecting the wind power plant to the grid, thus providing a significant improvement in the quality of the energy fed in.

SBG thus meets another prerequisite to be able to respond to upcoming demands of the market for intelligent liquid-cooled transformers.