Royal SMIT is expanding their product range and optimizing their processes

Royal SMIT Nijmegen is the Dutch member of the SGB-SMIT Group and is worldwide known for delivering large power transformers and shunt reactors. Shunt reactors are very similar to transformers but, instead of transforming voltages, they are used for reactive power compensation. This is needed to stabilize the voltage of a HV-line. In order to provide our customers with the proven quality and reliability, Royal SMIT is now additionally specializing in gapped core shunt reactors and has expanded the standard range by these products. The aim is to deliver customized complete solutions.


Royal SMIT has multiple years of experience in building air-core reactors, but is now focusing as well on gapped core types since this kind of reactor is more economic due to smaller dimensions and lower losses. The range of gapped core shunt reactors made by Royal SMIT includes fixed power as well as variable power shunt reactors. The shunt reactors were built in the same process as the large power transformers, despite the fact that these two products have a different mode of assembly. In order to better manage both processes and to avoid disturbances, SMIT has built a completely new production hall which is designed to build shunt reactors. In this production facility, the windings, the active part and the complete reactor are assembled and prepared for testing.


This means that Royal SMIT does not need to disturb the production process of the high power transformers and is simultaneously able to optimize the production process of the shunt reactors. This means: The Group member is able to supply products which have been optimized even more, thus enabling them to remain competitive on the market. Merging different disciplines in the production process in one centralized production facility (in addition to the existing production halls) gives us the opportunity to analyze the entire production process better.


In the near future, Royal SMIT will look at the high level process, taking important production issues into consideration, such as better efficiency of the different process steps, workplace set-up, optimization of the specialized tools and continuous development of the skilled employees. This constant focus will provide a continuously improving work environment that will be challenging to implement, but will contribute towards continuing to meet customer requirements. Shunt reactors and power transformers from the same source: With its enhanced range of products, Royal SMIT reinforces the core competence of the entire SGB-SMIT Group – i. e. to satisfy customer requirements in a “dedicated“ and specialized production environment.