Praise for the trainers, perspectives for the trainees

The metal and electrical industry is looking for qualified specialists and interested trainees. The SGB-SMIT group member from Neumark, the Sächsisch-Bayerische Starkstrom-Gerätebau (SBG), demonstrates how these can be achieved: There, special efforts are made to attract the next generation of specialists and trainees are regarded as a valuable investment in the workforce of the future. Training yourself and then employing valuable employees - a strategy that works out perfectly and for the implementation of which SBG only recently set up a modern training workshop. Currently, 26 industrial trainees from SGB and 8 trainees from other companies are completing their apprenticeships there.

SBG Neumark thus shows how to successfully establish itself as an attractive training company. And this with a lighthouse function: the company association of the Metall- und Elektroindustrie Sachsen e. V., SACHSENMETALL, selected SBG as one of the best training companies 2019 in Saxony on 14 June 2019!

With the support of the Johann Andreas Schubert Foundation, SACHSENMETALL honoured again this year outstanding training achievements within the Saxon metal and electrical industry with the "Best Training Company" award. The criteria considered were the training quota and the companies' performance in terms of career and study orientation, school sponsorships and support during the training period.

 In addition to SBG, only three other companies were honoured in the category "Companies with up to 500 employees"; our colleague Anita Kölbel (Head of HR) received the award certificate for SBG at the festive awards ceremony. She took the opportunity to present SBG's training services at the award ceremony at the SACHSENMETALL general meeting in Radebeul.

The greeting addressed to the participants at SBG Neumark also came from her: "Many thanks to all employees and trainees! They all make SBG what it is through their dedication and hard work. They deserve this recognition."

 The SGB-SMIT Group congratulates SBG Neumark on the award and thanks them for their valuable inspiration in terms of qualified training and employee recruitment!