Order cast resin transformers online: Test this new customer experience!

The cast resin transformers of the SGB-SMIT group know two basic characteristics: On the one hand, as transformers manufactured individually according to customer specifications, they even meet special requirements in terms of performance, compactness or climate resistance. On the other hand, SGB-SMIT also offers cast resin transformers as standardized components of a reliable power supply, the basic design of which is already excellently suited for numerous areas of application. Of course, the standard cast resin transformers also meet our high demands on quality and long-term operation - for example by the high voltage winding which is fully encapsulated under vacuum. These transformers are produced by SGB Czech Trafo in Olomouc (Czech Republic).

Such standard solutions offer the advantages of fast availability and optimised ordering processes - and thanks to our latest innovation, the time from the determination of requirements to the delivery of a suitable standard transformer is shortened even further: From now on you can find out everything about cast resin transformers in standard specifications, get offers, call up the SGB stock and order directly at the SGB-SMIT Group with the help of the newly established online system!

Would you like to try it out for yourself? No problem: We have set up a test account for our ordering system with which you can convince yourself of this express track directly to your new cast resin transformer!

Your personal test account for our ordering system

Simply log in at
with the following access data:

Username: test_sgb_account
Password: test123

You already have full access to our new transformer online-system! The account cannot be used to place any actual orders; the test is of course free of charge and non-binding. But you can test all functions extensively:

  • With the online system you can view our stock at any time of day and from any place in the world and order transformers.
  • Both stock levels and prices are completely up to date. You will receive your personal offer immediately and online.

You can download all available documents such as drawings and data sheets.

  • Configure your transformer yourself: You choose e.g. fan sets, temperature measurement or attachments. You can even select tests according to VDE0532 / IEC60076 with one click.
  • If you require professional support, you can contact your personal advisor directly within the ordering system.

... and it is even easier and more mobile:

New app for Android© and iOS© coming soon

In a few days our order app will also be available. That means: You don't even need a computer anymore to order a standard casting resin transformer of the SGB-SMIT group. All functions of the online ordering system including the ordering system are available there. We will inform you soon in detail!

Anything but standard: The online ordering system of SGB-SMIT for standard cast resin transformers is for us a further step towards simplified processes, fast delivery and an optimal customer experience. Just in the sense of our constant striving to be "dedicated" for you!