New development on a proven basis: Lahmeyer-Compact-Station® for metropolitan use

Since 1963 they have been a symbol of robustness and reliability in power distribution: the Lahmeyer-Compact-Stations®, manufactured by our group member SBG in Neumark, Saxony. Whether in Saudi Arabia or Switzerland; whether in the mountains, in buildings, in the desert or in the subtropics: the Lahmeyer-Compact-Stations® of the SGB-SMIT Group do their job without problems everywhere in the world. Thanks to their construction and the comprehensive corrosion protection, they are equipped to withstand even the most adverse climatic conditions. With its compact dimensions, contact safety, very good electromagnetic compatibility (<100 microTesla) and free design options through customer paintwork, the station can be used particularly in urban environments. The low transport weight enables optimal positioning according to customer requirements and facilitates also delivery and installation in areas with limited access possibilities.

All these characteristics are also appreciated by the distribution partner of the SGB-SMIT Group for the Thai market, the transformer company CharoencChai. In order to tailor SGB-SMIT's products even better to local conditions, a further evolutionary stage of our successful model was developed last year together with this Thai partner: the Lahmeyer CharoencChai Compact Substation 1 Slim®, or LCCS1-Slim for short. The name suffix already indicates that it is the most compact station in SBG's history to date: At 500kVA transformer capacity including medium-voltage switchgear and low-voltage distribution, it is only 900mm wide. This makes the distribution station primarily recommendable for use in the Thai capital Bangkok. There, the urgently needed conversion to underground power cables is to be advanced - and at the same time, as in so many metropolises, space for the installation of the necessary distribution stations is particularly limited. However, also in other fields of application the LCCS1 demonstrates its strenghts with its compact dimensions combined with its high performance and operational reliability.

After a six-month development process and subsequent production, the LCCS1-Slim successfully passed the internal arc test in the Siemens test laboratory in Frankfurt a.M. In addition to representatives of SBG, the managing director and other representatives of CharoencChai attended these tests.

The group member SBG in Neumark thanks the sales partner for this groundbreaking project and wishes great sales success with the LCCS1-Slim, the Lahmeyer-Compact-Station® especially for urban areas in Asia.