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SGB-SMIT POWER MATLA supports construction of high school in Western Cape, South Africa

It was an ambitious project: local South African companies in the Western Cape province had an ambitious plan to build a technical high school in the city of Bonnievale (about 180 km east of Cape Town) to actively expand educational opportunities for students in the region. For this purpose they founded the JGE Funding Trust, which they named after the anti-apartheid activist Professor Gerwel. The JGE Funding Trust's task was to collect a piece of land and 60% of the costs for the high school: Then, according to Debbie Schäfer, Minister of Education of the Western Cape, the Ministry would pay the rest as well as the teachers' salaries.

Motla Consulting Engineers, a close partner of SGB-SMIT POWER MATLA, also got involved in the "Entrepreneur School" and motivated our South African group member to participate. But the colleagues didn't have to be persuaded for long: After all, it is our aim as a global group to have a positive effect beyond our business areas wherever we are represented locally. In addition, the following applies throughout the SGB-SMIT Group: Education and training are the best foundations for a sustainable future. So SGB-SMIT POWER MATLA was naturally happy to participate in the project and donated a compact station to cover the school's entire electrical needs.

To the school itself:

The High School was also named after Jakes Gerwel. It should contribute to improving the lives of the pupils, strengthening the surrounding communities and reducing poverty. As a technical high school, it will be equipped with machines and equipment to provide students with practical training. In the first phase in 2018, the doors were opened to accommodate approximately 240 students in grades 8 and 9. Full operation began this year and the school is already having an impact on daily life in and around Bonnievale.

For those interested, you can find more information about the project here - these are also the sources for our information:

SSPM's management and staff are delighted to be part of such an important event. They were delighted to support the Jakes Gerwel Trust and the high school it made possible. And for the entire SGB-SMIT Group, this commitment is yet another example of local roots within a global community.