A sign of reliability and customer loyalty: 100th SGB transformer delivered to Texas

San Antonio in Texas is not only the seventh largest city in the USA with corresponding requirements for a reliable energy supply: the city's history is also characterized by electricity. Right back in 1860, six months before the inauguration of the first power plant in New York, the first public light bulb lit up in San Antonio.

Since 2001 now, SGB Regensburg has prided itself on counting an energy supplier in San Antonio among its customers, an energy supplier whose roots are entwined with this city’s history. In the meantime, SGB's contribution to a secure, reliable power supply of the city comprises 100 transformers from the Regensburg plant of the SGB-SMIT Group! The "anniversary transformer" was recently sent on its journey to Texas.

17 years of partnership: SGB Regensburg is pleased about this special kind of customer loyalty. The SGB-SMIT Group is proud of this achievement - and combines its delivery of the 100th transformer with the hope of continuing to accompany the customer on its way towards an energy-charged future.