Consulting & Licensing

You believe in the global growth of energy and want to invest your capital in erecting transformer factories? SGB-SMIT is the right partner to consult in all aspects along the entire process and provide highest European quality technology standards to make your investment successful.

You are already operating transformer plants and you want to become more competitive in your environment or you want to add technologies to your current product portfolio? SGB-SMIT as dedicated transformer specialist is the right partner to assess your current production on a consulting or future technologies on a license basis.


Which know-how can we make available to you?

  • Transformer technology for energy transmission up to 400 kV
  • Reactor technology for high voltage applications up to 400 kV
  • Transformer technology for energy distribution for oil-immersed or dry type requirements
  • Compact substation technology for the growing renewables and electromobility markets
  • Low voltage dry type transformers

Examples for successful consulting & licensing cases:

  • Elmaco, Egypt (component supply and licensing of cast resin transformer technology)
  • Tubos Transelectric, Argentina (provision of consulting for medium power transformer technology)
  • Charoenchai, Thailand (provision of licenses to manufacture cast resin transformers and compact substations)
  • Lanzo, Hungary (provision of license to manufacture compact substations)
  • DTPL, India (component supply and licensing of cast resin transformer technology for several years → turned into SGB India, a joint venture to manufacture cast resin transformers for industrial and wind applications

Rüdiger Weinhardt

Group Head Licensing
Ohmstrasse 10
D-93055 Regensburg

phone: +49 941-7841-6576
mobil: +49 173 89 28 023