SGB-SMIT Group: Always meet all the requirements!

“There’s a way to do it better - find it.”
For decades the group’s employees have been guided by the words of one of the pioneers of electrical engineering Thomas Alva Edison (1847-1931) in the manufacture of transformers.

At the beginning of the third millennium our company presents itself as a modern group reflecting the complete product spectrum and enjoying a worldwide reputation of quality and dependability. 


  • Royal SMIT / RETRASIB /
    SGB-SMIT Power Matla

    Large power for power stations an substations

Voltage / Capacity

  • 220 - 765 kV
  • 150 - 1.200 MVA


  • Power station 
    energy companies


    SGB-SMIT Power Matla
    Medium power for substations

Voltage / Capacity

  • 220 kV
  • 110 kV
  • 10 - 150 MVA


  • High voltage 
    energy companies, power companies, industry


  • SGB / SGB MY / SGB-SMIT Power Matla 
    Oil distribution for local distribution networks, transformer houses
  • SGB / BCV / SGB CZ / SGB MY / SGB-USA / SGB India / SGB China 
    Dry type for industry and wind power

Voltage / Capacity

  • 30 / 20 / 10 kV
  • 400 / 240 V
  • 30 kVA - 25 MVA


  • Medium voltage 
    industry, energy suppliers, public utility companies
  • Low voltage 
    industry, energy suppliers, public utility companies

Corporate Culture

The pure-play transformer specialist from europe

... with the highest customer dedication.

This statement sums up our company philosophy. It represents for us both motivation and a challenge: We offer our customers top services in power engineering. Our products, large and medium power transformers, cast resin and oil distribution transformers as well as services, stand for quality. Our company has with it, years of experience and professionalism.

Our top services would naturally not be possible without our staff. Our above statement is backed up by qualified and dedicated staff. This is why focused further training of our staff plays such an important role in our company.

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