Furnace transformers

Supplying arc melting furnaces places high demands on transformers: The windings must be sufficiently strong because they are exposed to a high degree of dynamic short circuit current forces and a large control broad regulating range is required. No problem for SGB!

  • We have the necessary know-how and many years of experience in the design and construction of furnace transformers for ratings up to 80 MVA.
  • Rated currents of up to 70 kA are not a problem.
  • SGB-SMIT Group's transformers can be constructed weighing up to 120 t.


High Voltage distribution
High Speed
Mass Transit Systems

Power distribution, industry, railways

Special transformers like Phase Shifters, Shunt Reactors, Quad Boosters, Furnace- and Railway Transformers find their way to our customers for specific applications. Special attention is required to the specifications and the interaction with our customers. That make the SGB-SMIT Group special.

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