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Medium Power Transformers

There is hardly a problem we have not yet solved, hardly a design that we have not already built for many years of experience in the area of power transformers makes you variable, create flexibility and gives you a high degree of problem-solving ability. Know-how as standard in all productions sites in Germany, Malaysia and the USA.

Our Experience is to your advantage
Our customers appreciate our high degree of expertise and the 100% reliability of our transformers. A guarantee of this is the continually increased knowledge over many years in the construction and development of power transformers. This is why we are equipped to deal with virtually every customer’s wish:

  • Our power transformers are manufactured with a rated capacity of between 5 and 100 MVA and for service voltages of up to 245 kV.
  • To adapt the voltage, it is possible to provide on-load tap changers for max. 22 % tapping range for adjustment in up to 27 steps under load, or off-load tap changers for example for 5 % tapping range for adjustment off circuit.
  • Often used connection groups include YNd5, YNd11 or Ynyn0, YNyn6 with and without delta stabilising windings.

Quality is Protection, safety and long life

We apply this knowledge in order to achieve a high level of operating safety and long service life for our transformers. Furthermore constant checks additionally guarantee a high quality standard:

Perfectly matched

Cores, windings, on-load tap changers, terminal leads and clamping structures are subject to enormous stress during the service life of a transformer. This is why it is essential that all the elements interact smoothly and without error. With the help of special computing programs we can compare all of the available materials and match the components to each other.
High-quality materials, the most up-to-date design elements, proven manufacturing processes and top-quality workmanship unite to form perfect technology:

Know-How pays off: Power worldwide

Quality knows no bounds. Our sophisticated know-how and our flexible problem solving competence allow us to adapt to the most difficult of conditions. We incorporate the special transport and installation conditions into our designs. This is why you will encounter power transformers with the SGB brand of quality all over the world. A fact which makes us quite proud.



Power Generation

It is not without reason that Power Transformers fulfil the highest requirements of reliability and long life for our customers within the Power Generation. The winding process is carried out using machines especially constructed for this, which ensures high quality and precise results.

Solar power stations
Nuclear Power plants
Oil and Gas Power plants

Power Distribution

The Power Transformers contain good characteristics. Both the selection of the core and winding materials and the dependable design of the moulded pieces and their solid manufacturing are decisive for the high quality.

High Voltage distribution
Medium Voltage distribution
Low Voltage distribution


Reliability of Power Transformers for all kinds of industrial purposes support the productivity of our customers. Therefore, our Power Transformers comply with the highest standards in design and manufacuring.

Oil and Gas
Pulp and Paper


Short Circuit Resistance is a major concern for customers within the railway industry. That is why our Transformers are chosen, being very reliable and fulfilling the highest quality standards. 

High Speed
Mass Transit Systems


Wherever trouble-free operation of complete infrastructure is dependent upon the reliability of fewer individual components, specific quality benchmarks are set. For this reason on the strength of their exceptional dependability, Power Transformers are preferred thanks to the high quality standard.

High Rise Facilities
Colleges and Universities
Hotel facilities
Shopping centres

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