Maintenance and upkeep of cast resin transformers

Economically efficient, sustainable and requirement-oriented: maintenance instead of new acquisition!

Our service for an extended service life and sustainable reliability of your cast resin transformers

Play it safe regarding your cast resin transformers while reducing their life-cycle costs (LCC) at the same time: the SGB cast resin transformer service will be pleased to help you!

We check, service and repair cast resin transformers of all makes and ensure a continuously trouble-free performance. Especially if a transformer is subject to extreme environmental conditions such as heat, moisture or saline air, regular maintenance and inspection help protect individual transformer elements from premature ageing and wear due to the prevailing operating conditions.

Profit from our knowhow from over 100 years of transformer construction and operation!

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Some of the advantages of our scope of services:

  • Status reports in view of investment planning
  • Windings can be replaced within the plant
  • Considerable savings due to continued utilization of the core
  • Replacement of components only if absolutely necessary
  • Avoidance of downtimes
  • Low-cost repair has priority over costly replacement
  • 2 years warranty for new components

What we do for you directly on site (even in case of offshore plants):

  • Cleaning and maintenance of the equipment (incl. removal of creep paths, checking the torques)
  • Performing all mechanical work required
  • Retrofitting fans
  • Checking and, if applicable, replacement of the  temperature monitoring devices
  • Noise measurement
  • Measuring insulation resistance
  • Measuring winding resistance (winding resistances and taps)
  • Voltage tests up to 30 kV (or higher, on request)
  • Verification of the vector group
  • Thermal image recording and evaluation thereof
  • SFRA measurement
  • Partial discharge tests (up to 3 MVA)

These are our services at the Regensburg site of the SGB-SMIT Group:

  • Repair and replacement of components
  • Inspection of complete transformers
  • PD measurement
  • Type testing (impulse voltage test, temperature rise test)
  • Special tests (impulse voltage test with chopped wave, noise measurement, E2-, C2 test)

Your transformer also profits from our service!

Some application examples:

  • Stationary / enclosed transformers which would be extremely complex to replace completely
  • Newly installed transformers, whose life-cycle costs need to be predictable
  • Older transformers whose service life can be prolonged by replacement of obsolete components
  • Transformers whose age might give rise to downtimes
  • … all cast resin transformers which are to do their job in an economically efficient and highly effective manner

Protect your investment and enhance the service life of your transformer – with the SGB cast resin transformer service!

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