SGB Regensburg: Rethinking oil transformers

Depending on the field of application and the customer’s requirements, it may be necessary to replace the insulating oil by an environmentally more compatible alternative, for example for application in nature reserves or water protection areas. Foregoing alternative was also the precondition an industrial customer specified when tendering 14 transformers with an overall power rating of 560 MVA for different projects in various states. SGB Regensburg participated in this tender and obtained the contract thanks to its innovative concept:

Thus, it was decided to use a synthetic ester as the insulating fluid. This organic compound of alcohol and acids has proved its worth for several decades and excels as regards both environmental compatibility and powerful properties: the ester is a biodegradable, low-maintenance, moisture tolerant fluid and can be used even at -60°C, but also features an extremely high degree of heat stability. The contract from the USA required more than 130,000 liters of synthetic ester altogether.

But the 14 transformers do not only qualify as excellent examples for our “Dedicated“ philosophy due to their insulating fluid: their design is also inovative. The specially designed conservator meant that the transport height could be minimized. Thus, the transformers can be delivered in completely assembled condition and on-site assembly and filling are not necessary.

The importance of using synthetic esters as an insulating fluid in transformers will increase in the future, also and especially in conjunction with energy generation from wind, water and the tides. This is why SGB Regensburg has decided to invest in a mobile ester filling facility. This equipment will help us initially to handle the contract for the 14 transformers on schedule. Subsequently, it can be used on a Europe-wide level to continue to improve the flexibility and customer service of SGB Regensburg – and of the entire SGB-SMIT Group.