SBG Neumark: Capacity expanded. Space utilization optimized.

“Space” is one of the most important factors which determine the performance of a factory.

It is no secret that the performance of the colleagues in Neumark is outstanding as regards space utilization and process optimization in their production area as well. Thus, they have recently succeeded in expanding the capacity of the winding shop by adding two new HV (high voltage) winding machines. Plus, they have optimized the layout of the winding shop simultaneously, so as to enable installation and commissioning of the machines in the existing production areas. There were no interruptions in business operations; all orders were processed in time.

In order to foster cooperation within the region and to have a service technician available on site at short notice, if required, the development and manufacturing of the winding machines was contracted out to a local machine and tool making company.

Thanks to their clever capacity expansion, SBG Neumark have once again demonstrated the dynamic and innovative strength of this site for oil distribution transformers. And, with their customer-friendly realization of expanding their production capacity, they have also substantiated the SGB-SMIT Group's claim of being "dedicated".