Power on the Campus, energy for education

The products of SGB-SMIT Group, used world-wide, are important ingredients of a functional energy supply. All the members of our Group are always committed to improving the efficiency of our energy distribution solutions and implementing new technologies for enhanced power and improved reliability. As an active co-player in the future of energy, SGB-SMIT is strongly focused on research and development and traditionally, we also feel strongly committed to educating and training the technicians and engineers of tomorrow.

Before this backdrop, it is evident that our member OTC undertook extraordinary efforts to be awarded a contract for a special request: a university in the state of Virginia required two 15/25 MVA transformers at an order value of USD 1.1 million. The customer's location being a 5-hour car journey away (crossing 2 state borders) and the preparations requiring nearly two years did not discourage OTC, as Bill Woost (Director of Sales & Marketing) explains: "For us, a state university is a prestige customer, and, of course, we made every effort to obtain this order for the SGB-SMIT Group. Coordination of the technical details alone took six months. We are pleased that OTC was able to assert itself against a range of competitors due to its quality and proven expertise. And we are especially proud to be able to deliver and connect the two transformers before the end of 2017."

It is easier to understand the joy of Mr. Woost and his team about the success when taking a closer look at that university: here, over 30,000 students attend over 240 Bachelor and Graduate courses. The main Campus covers approx. 2,600 hectares and comprises 130 buildings. The integrated colleges cover a wide range of knowledge and future-oriented topics - such as agriculture and life sciences, urban development, technology, environment and economy. Thus, it could be safe to assert that this is where the future is being made. And OTC provides the energy required to this effect.

Moreover, the university is growing steadily, its energy demand increasing with every additional building and institute. The two OTC transformers ensure the supply of the campus, but also of the surrounding city. Bill Woost resumes: "This project is a further proof for OTC being a reliable, competent partner for the energy supply of municipalities and state institutions!" The SGB-SMIT Group congratulates OTC on this order and wishes all the best for the project including delivery and connection.