An additional Group member in the Indian growth market

Generally speaking, the locations of the SGB-SMIT Group can be divided into two categories: You can find the members of our Group either at traditional production locations with a long history - or in the middle of growth markets which will play an important role for the future and the further development of SGB-SMIT. The recently founded company SGB India belongs to the second category: this enables us to be close to key customers, to access a huge market and to implement global production chains.

There are good reasons why India was selected for our new distribution center and production site: there, our long-standing partner DTPL has already manufactured SGB-transformers under license. Moreover, India offers an extremely interesting energy market: The country has the third-largest energy consumption worldwide, while expediting the transition to renewable energies at the same time. And when it comes to the development of wind energy, India is among the leading countries worldwide. And due to the fact that "at the top" also designates the positioning of transformers of the SGB-SMIT Group, the foundation of SGB India was decided in 2016 - and already implemented within record time this year.

SGB India is located in Chennai, the capital of the federal state of Tamil Nadu. Here, the company operates a Joint Venture with its established partner DTPL (Deutschland Transformers PVT LTD), uses existing assembly and test equipment and produces transformers for the Indian wind power industry using coils produced by SGB MY. The relevant technical requirements originate from SGB Regensburg. An additional asset for the location: As many as two of our customers in the wind power sector are domiciled in Chennai. Besides the setup of the wind business sector, the existing business of the former license partner for the industry sector is being transferred into the Joint Venture and developed further.

Due to the rapid start of production, two transformers were already delivered to Vestas in July 2017, with one transformer for Siemens-Gamesa currently undergoing the field validation test right now. Moreover, the audit for an additional customer is already scheduled for September. In addition to that, process and factory audits of the two largest wind turbine manufacturers have already been completed successfully. From the beginning, SGB India has been an undisputed success for the SGB-SMIT Group!

The recently founded company and Joint Venture SGB India meets the requirements of a number of customers from the Indian wind energy sector in terms of local support with transformers produced in India and local customer service. SGB-SMIT Group is pleased to fulfil this requirement - as customer focus, market co-determination and the utilization of synergies between individual group members are important components of our Group DNA.