e.POWER issue 10|2017

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Phase-angle displacement, optimum distribution and no overload on the grid: Transformers made by Royal SMIT control the voltage ratios within the Bavarian grid belonging to TenneT

For now, the scenario is still a dream of the future: You travel by car to your holiday destination and rely on its autonomous features as usual. However, as soon as you take the southbound motorway, you can already see the traffic jam ahead. You are in doubt about the... 

On schedule, individual and customer-driven: Retrasib successfully completes exemplary order.

Early this year, we reported that Retrasib SA, the Romanian member of the SGB-SMIT Group, had won a comprehensive order for autotransformers for a grid operator. And now, our colleagues in Sibiu have already brought this especially sophisticated order to a great conclusion: in... 

SBG Neumark: Capacity expanded. Space utilization optimized.

“Space” is one of the most important factors which determine the performance of a factory. It is no secret that the performance of the colleagues in Neumark is outstanding as regards space utilization and process optimization in their production area as well. Thus, they have... 

Electricity from a trailer: mobile solution for uninterruptible power supply

You can also find a member of the SGB-SMIT Group in the South-East Asian region: SGB MY is domiciled in Malaysia, to be more precise, south of its capital Kuala Lumpur. This location forms a supporting pillar of the entire Group’s production and at the same time is the gateway... 

Power on the Campus, energy for education

The products of SGB-SMIT Group, used world-wide, are important ingredients of a functional energy supply. All the members of our Group are always committed to improving the efficiency of our energy distribution solutions and implementing new technologies for enhanced power and... 

An additional Group member in the Indian growth market

Generally speaking, the locations of the SGB-SMIT Group can be divided into two categories: You can find the members of our Group either at traditional production locations with a long history - or in the middle of growth markets which will play an important role for the future... 

SGB Regensburg: Rethinking oil transformers

Depending on the field of application and the customer’s requirements, it may be necessary to replace the insulating oil by an environmentally more compatible alternative, for example for application in nature reserves or water protection areas. Foregoing alternative was also... 

Continuing on a growth course under new ownership

As of July 2017, SGB-SMIT has a new owner: One Equity Partners, domiciled in Frankfurt / Main, has acquired the majority in SGB-SMIT. The investment company is focused on the sectors industry, health and technology in North America and Europe and has a track record dating back... 

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