Transport of 325 Tons transformer to substation Breukelen-Kortrijk

September 24th/25th 2016 – Lifting of transformer from inland vessel with two floating cranes
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more than a year of careful planning made sure this transport was executed with as less inconvenience as possible for the surrounding area.

On the Sunday morning of October 9th, 2016 in the early morning Mammoet delivered a new Royal SMIT transformer to a substation which is currently under construction. With a thoroughly elaborated transport plan the transformer crossed two of the most busy traffic junctures in The Netherlands while keeping disturbances for other traffic to a minimum.

The transformer weighs 325 Tons, and measures 3,5 meters in width, 12,5 meters in length and 6 meters in height

Expansion of the high voltage grid

The end user of this transformer is currently working on the expansion of the power grid around Breukelen-Kortrijk. To accommodate this expansion a new high voltage substation is being build. The transformer, build at Royal SMIT Transformers in Nijmegen, will be used to convert the voltage of the national grid to the regional grid.

Traffic junctures

To reach its destination the transformer had to cross both the rail tracks and the highway A2 between Utrecht and Amsterdam. The transport was executed in two phases to avoid obstruction for the rail and road traffic as much as possible.

Phase 1

The first part of the transport was executed in the weekend of September 24th, 2016. The transformer was shipped by inland vessel from Nijmegen to the channel adjacent to the rail track. Two floating cranes with a height of 56 meters lifted the transformer from the vessel to place it onto the quay close to the rail tracks. On the other side of the rail tracks a crawler crane was build that lifted the transformer over the tracks to place it onto a Self Propelled Modular Transporter (SPMT).

The double wide SPMT with a total of 56 axle lines and 224 wheels drove the Transformer over a specially build road through the meadows towards the highway. The highway was closed early Sunday morning for the transformer to travel against traffic towards a gas station to be stored there for two weeks.

Phase 2

The last part of the transport was performed in the weekend of October 8th, 2016. The transformer, still waiting on the SPMT at the gas station, was transported further down the highway A2. During this part of the transport several traffic information overhead signs had to be lifted by mobile cranes for the transport combination was too high to pass underneath.

When the transformer reached the substation it had to cross over to the other side of the highway and exit the highway on a specially constructed 125 meters long steel ramp.

September 24th/25th 2016 – Lifting of transformer
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September 24th/25th 2016 – Lifting of transformer over railway tracks
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September 25th 2016 – Transport of transformer over Highway A2
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September 25th 2016 – Transport of transformer over Highway A2 against traffic
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October 9th 2016 – Transport of transformer over ramp to the substation
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