Storage facility for large transformers

Asset Management for strategic reserves – the business model of the new long-term storage facility for large power transformers at SMIT in Nijmegen.

With this offer, so far unique in the industry, SMIT reacts to customers' requirements to store spare transformers for strategically important large-size power stations and substations to minimize the downtimes and the costs of service breaks in case of disturbance. This reserve keeping and the excellent logistics connection helps to avoid long ordering and delivery periods in case of large units and to deliver spare transformers immediately to the destination without any waiting time. 

The long-term storage facility directly next to the workshops of SMIT Transformatoren Service covers an area of 1,775 sq.m. and can accommodate up to 15 transformers. The maximum weight per transformer is up to 500 tons; the heavy-duty ground is designed for 100 tons per square meter. There are ten supply points with connectors for control power, heating, ventilation, pumps etc. Surface water is discharged via a drainage system with oil separator.

The transport of the transformers to and fro the storage location is effected by truck or ship via the Maas Waal Canal. Project engineering and construction of the long-term storage facility only required three months in each case. The new offer was immediately welcomed by the customers, the first locations already being occupied.

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