SBG compact stations: Pacesetter for E-Mobility

Lucrative order for our Saxon colleagues by a well-known energy supplier

Within the SGB-SMIT Group, the group member SBG in Neumark, Saxony, is one of the pioneers in the field of renewable energies and intelligent networks – examples include solutions for wind power plants or local network stations that can also cope with the network fluctuations typical for renewable energy sources.

The expertise in future-oriented energy distribution was most likely the contributing factor that tipped the scales in favour of SBG winning the online tender last year, resulting in the development of the highly attractive contract. Due to the this award, SBG will build a total of 40 compact stations that will supply electricity to fast charging points for electric cars throughout Germanyon behalf of an energy supply company. The energy supplier will act as general contractor, responsible for thedelivery and installation of the charging stations and the transformer station.

The special feature of these charging stations is that they are fast chargers with up to 300 kW charging power, which is distributed over two charging points, with the stations being located directly at a large chain of filling stations.

With the concept of fast chargers at filling stations, ourcustomer (and his client) is sending a clear signal forthe transition from fossil fuels to electricity in individual transport. Once again, a member of the SGB-SMIT Group is actively involved in the implementation of a future project. This may sound unexpected at first glance, but it is quitelogical as a further step towards e-mobility. Still, with such a new location also comes new challenges, in that special safety precautions are required at filling stations. The stations manufactured by SBG therefore have, among otherthings, special gas- and watertight cable entries.

The whole group congratulates SBG Neumark on this prestigious contract.


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