Powerful combination! SGB-SMIT Group and CRRC ZHUZHOU ELECTRIC JIANGSU CO.,LTD. co-expand offshore wind power market

On September 3, 2021, the signing ceremony of the wind power oil immersed transformer cooperation project between SGB-SMIT Group and CRRC ZHUZHOU ELECTRIC JIANGSU CO.,LTD. was taken place in Zhuzhou, China and Regensburg, Germany, marking the official kick-off of the cooperation between SGB-SMIT Group and CRRC ZHUZHOU ELECTRIC JIANGSU CO.,LTD. in the field of wind power oil immersed transformers.

Holger Ketterer, CEO of SGB-SMIT Group, Heinrich Uekermann, CFO of SGB-SMIT Group, Rüdiger Weinhardt, Global Business Unit Manger Service & Licensing Division of SGB-SMIT Group, Martin Carlen, former Head of the Business Development Department of SGB-SMIT Group (today retired and acting as consultant), Markus Spliethoff, Group Finance Director and Head of Group Controlling & Accounting of SGB-SMIT Group, Erwin Birbacher, Managing Director of SGB Distribution factory in Germany and Global Business Unit Manager liquid-filled Distribution Transformer Division of SGB-SMIT Group, William McCarroll, Head of Business & Strategy Development Liquid-filled distribution transformer division of SGB-SMIT Group and Yiyi Yang,  General Manager of SGB China witnessed this historic moment together with senior executives in Zhuzhou, China through remote video in Germany.

Since 2020, SGB-SMIT Group and CRRC ZHUZHOU ELECTRIC JIANGSU CO.,LTD. have had in-depth communication and close contact. After many consultations and discussions regarding the field of liquid-filled transformer technology for wind on-and offshore applications, they unanimously agreed to establish an innovative collaboration and leverage on their individual strengths. This cooperation represents the perfect combination of the long history, the rich R&D experience in developing a full range of wind transformers for on-and offshore and the excellent and long-term customer relationships of SGB-SMIT Group, and the outstanding scientific research capabilities and outstanding performances of CRRC ZHUZHOU ELECTRIC JIANGSU CO.,LTD.

 As a globally leading enterprise in transformers, the SGB-SMIT Group will further grow its international footprint through this cooperation, further provide technological innovation to the wind industry and deliver products of highest quality to the field of Renewable Energy. CRRC ZHUZHOU ELECTRIC JIANGSU CO.,LTD., as leading enterprise in the field of wind generators, will continue to extend the traction transformer technology of its parent company CRRC ZHUZHOU ELECTRIC CO.,LTD. through this cooperation, build a brand-new industrial pillar, and comprehensively strengthen its wind power industry leading position .

Holger Ketterer, CEO of SGB-SMIT GROUP, said in his speech that SGB-SMIT GROUP is truly delighted to be a cooperation partner and establish a long-term cooperative relationship with CRRC ZHUZHOU ELECTRIC JIANGSU CO.,LTD., thanked all project team members for their great efforts, and extremely looks forward to achieving a great success in the future of the cooperation between the two parties in the field of oil immersed transformer technology.  

The cooperation was born at the right time, at the heyday of Renewable Energy. The signing of the cooperation agreement is an ambitious strategic achievement of SGB-SMIT GROUP and CRRC ZHUZHOU ELECTRIC JIANGSU CO.,LTD., and is another important milestone for both sides to jointly support the rapidly growing  development process of the industry. SGB-SMIT GROUP and CRRC ZHUZHOU ELECTRIC JIANGSU CO.,LTD. will seize this opportunity  and jointly contribute to a global green and sustainable environment.

CRRC ZHUZHOU ELECTRIC CO.,LTD. Chairman Nie Ziqiang, Deputy General Manager Sun Chenggang, CRRC ZHUZHOU ELECTRIC JIANGSU CO.,LTD. Chairman Shen Tingguo, General Manager Zheng Qiao and other leaders attended the event in Zhuzhou, China.


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