Double header in Australia

"If someone goes on a trip, he can tell a story" - this of course applies in particular to the after ales service fitters of the SGB-SMIT Group. In other words, for those employees who travel all over the world to support our customers during initial installation, maintenance and repair. Our group member SBG Neumark has a particularly exciting story to tell: One of the on-site service technicians from Saxony, Uwe Jarmuth, was "down under" for training purposes when he was unexpectedly asked for help with one of Australia's largest wind farms. And as you can read here, Uwe Jarmuth had a very tight schedule to be home for Christmas ...

Our SBG customer service technician, Mr. Uwe Jarmuth, visited Australia in December to train the Australian service team and instruct them in installation and assembly work on transformers. Everything went according to plan and the return flight was imminent. But - word had got around in the industry: "There is one from SGB-SMIT there, he knows his trade and has supported us competently and unbureaucratically!

Thus, Uwe received an urgent inquiry from the Murra Warra wind farm. He spontaneously agreed (of course after consultation with his management in Neumark) to extend his business trip; the return flight was postponed by 4 days and he was heading northwest for another 800 km. Due to the forest fires in this area, this was not without danger and cost Uwe a lot of sweat and nerves to cover the distance. Temperatures up to 49 °C did not make the service mission any easier. Fortunately everything went well and the defective transformers at the Murra Warra site could be repaired.

Just in time for Christmas, on the 23.12. evening, Uwe Jarmuth landed in Munich again and had given the Australians a nice "Christmas present".

Praising words from the Australian clients, who incidentally covered all the costs, were a gift back: "Well done, Uwe, to yourself and of course to your team at SBG, who contributed to this. We are overjoyed and would like to personally convey our thanks and appreciation; the SGB-SMIT Group has demonstrated outstanding performance and service".

About Murra Warra

The Murra Warra Wind Farm is a wind farm still under construction in the Australian state of Victoria and, according to its operators, is expected to play a key role in Australia's future with renewable energy. The location of the wind farm in the northwest of Victoria was chosen very deliberately: Welcome wind conditions and good connectivity are as much in favor of the wind farm as its small footprint, which is only 2% of the area it is located on. Murra Warra is home to large farms and sheep grazing land.

When fully completed, the Murra Warra Wind Farm will have 116 turbines, which together will have a combined output of approximately 429 MW - equivalent to the energy consumption of over 400,000 households in Victoria, saving over 1.7 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions annually.

Currently, the first construction phase with 61 turbines is almost completely completed; 55 are already connected to the grid. Source, also for further information: murrawarrawindfarm.com


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