A sign of reliability and customer loyalty: 100th SGB transformer delivered to Texas

San Antonio in Texas is not only the seventh largest city in the USA with corresponding requirements for a reliable energy supply: the city's history is also characterized by electricity. Right back in 1860, six months before the inauguration of the first power plant in New... 

Mutual growth: Supplier Days 2018

For 3 days, Regensburg’s Continental Arena was the venue for an active exchange of information and constructive talks with our suppliers from all over the world. Cooperation on an equal footing, fair dealings with one another, mutual growth for a successful future and... 

The first distribution transformers from new production area in Neumark

SBG Neumark is one of the members of the SGB-SMIT Group which has always followed our principle of “dedicated“ – today, the site presents itself within the Group as a specialist for individual distribution transformers and special designs. No matter whether intrinsic values or... 

Royal SMIT is expanding their product range and optimizing their processes

Royal SMIT Nijmegen is the Dutch member of the SGB-SMIT Group and is worldwide known for delivering large power transformers and shunt reactors. Shunt reactors are very similar to transformers but, instead of transforming voltages, they are used for reactive power compensation.... 

Over 50 additional SGB cast-resin transformers for the largest South African coal mine

South Africa has enormous mineral resources with the country’s export performance mainly being based on this sector. The SGB-SMIT Group also contributes to the success of the mining sector and supports the local mining companies with transformers which ensure reliable energy... 

Managing change: with “Dutch Power“ and Royal SMIT

Generating power represents a great challenge for the Netherlands: Until now, up to 90% of the energy is supplied from fossil fuels, like natural gas and cole. Everyone knows that the availability of fossil fuels is shrinking and the use of it promotes global warming. This is... 

Joint Press Release

"Öko-R-ONT" of SBG Neumark put to practical test at Netze BW Doubly-innovative transformer in a local network station in the Ravensburg district Bodnegg. How does vegetable oil behave as insulator in a controllable transformer? Netze BW and Sächsisch-Bayerische... 

SBG takes the next step

By developing a 4 MVA KFWF regulating transformer, SBG has taken the next step in the consistent implementation of its strategic targets. The transformer was developed in collaboration with "Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen", which provided the ECOTAP VPD on-load tap... 

Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between SGB MY and Nilai University on 1st Dec 2016 and sponsorship of transformer (active part) model

A MoU signing ceremony was held on 1st of Dec 2016 between SGB MY, represented by its Managing Director, Mr. Franz Hierz and Nilai University, represented by its Vice Chancellor, Professor Dato Dr. Sothi Rachagan. SGB MY and Nilai University agreed to collaborate on the design... 

Reliable. Ready for the future. Certified.

As an association of specialists, the SGB-SMIT Group as a whole provides a wide range of solutions regarding energy transportation and energy distribution; its individual members focus on individual components and excel within their business segments thanks to great expertise.... 

“Good” becomes “better”: Assuring and enhancing quality thanks to “Six Sigma”

Quality Management, Process Improvement and Error Rate Reduction: in a company which claims to be “dedicated”, these important tools are a matter of course in the production chain. Moreover, the SGB-SMIT Group supplies the energy sector with transformers built in accordance with... 

Royal SMIT sends a 325-ton powerhouse on its way

A customer of Royal SMIT Transformers is currently extending its power grid in the Breukelen-Kortrijk area, situated between Amsterdam and Utrecht, for which it is constructing a new high-voltage substation. Royal SMIT Transformers in Nijmegen succeeded in obtaining the contract... 

Extreme rise in prices for electrical sheet

During the past few months, European transformer manufacturers have been suffering as a result of a sharp rise in purchase prices for electrical sheet - with all the resulting drawbacks in terms of manufacturing costs and profitability. Public indices such as the T&D Europe... 

RETRASIB is now part of the international SGB-SMIT Group

The SGB-SMIT Group has expanded by integrating two new members as "Partners in Power”: the Romanian transformer manufacturer RETRASIB from Sibiu and the transformer design company TRAFO PROIECT from Bucharest, will form our future ‘SGB-SMIT Romania’. With this addition, we... 

Ecodesign Regulation

COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) No 548/2014 of 21 May 2014 on implementing Directive 2009/125/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council with regard to small, medium and large power transformers See Directive

Ausbilderpreis der Stadt Regensburg für SGB

„Qualität sichert Zukunft“: Das ist das Motto des Ausbilderpreises, den die Stadt Regensburg seit nunmehr sechs Jahren vergibt. Mit ihm werden unter anderem Ausbildungsquote, Kooperation mit der Berufsschule und Zufriedenheit unter den Auszubildenden honoriert. 2013 gehörte SGB... 

Transformer Manufacturer SMIT can now call itself "Royal“

Courtesy title granted on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the company with a long tradition Nijmegen, 6 May 2013. On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of its foundation, the transformer manufacturer SMIT was granted the courtesy title "Koninklijk"... 

OTC Services Inc. becoming part of the SGB-SMIT Group

Louisville. A new chapter in the corporate history of OTC Services Inc. in Louisville/Ohio has begun. The repair plant for power transformers is to become part of the SGB-SMIT Group, one of the leading transformer manufacturers worldwide. OTC Services Inc. was founded in 2007 as... 

Storage facility for large transformers

Asset Management for strategic reserves – the business model of the new long-term storage facility for large power transformers at SMIT in Nijmegen. With this offer, so far unique in the industry, SMIT reacts to customers' requirements to store spare transformers for... 

Hochmoderne Fertigungsstätten für Lahmeyer Compactstationen

Seit Juli 2011 ist sie im Betrieb – die  hochmoderne Fertigungsstätte für Lahmeyer Compactstationen im sächsischen Neumark. Damit schreibt die Sächsisch-Bayerische Starkstrom-Gerätebau GmbH, eine Tochter der SGB-SMIT Gruppe, die jahrzehntelange Erfolgsgeschichte der... 

Das stille Schwergewicht der Stromwelt

In Regensburg sitzt mit SGB-SMIT ein führender Trafo-Hersteller, von dessen Perspektiven gerade der Nachwuchs profitieren kann.  Pressebericht als PDF downloaden

Innovatives Produkt der SGB-SMIT Gruppe:

Elektronisch geregelter Transformator macht Verteilnetze fit für die Energiewende Wichtiger Beitrag zur sicheren Stromversorgung in der ZukunftRegenerative Energie kann besser ins Netz eingespeist werdenNachhaltige, ressourcenschonende und kostengünstige...