Capacity (kVA): 1250Loss-combination: AA0AkPO (Watt): 855PK (Watt): 9500
uk (%): 6Lp(A) (0,3m)dB: 37Lw (A) dB: 49Length (mm): 1550
Width (mm): 1040Height (mm): 1650Total weight (kg): 3650Oil (kg): 710
Winding material (kg): 620Core material (E Steel): GOMass of corematerial (kg): 1500
Execution acc. to DIN EN 50588 (HD 428.1 S1) Hermetic design, for outdoor installation with HV porcelain bushings Max. ambient temperature 40 ºC, max. installation height 1000 m above sea level Routine test acc to DIN EN 60076-1 max. system voltage HV: 24 kV / max. system voltage LV: 1,1 kV Deviating parameters resp deviating design (e.g. conservator design) on request deliverable with deviating dimensions and masses.
  • 11 HV bushings acc. to DIN 42531 in accordance with the series voltage DIN 43675
  • 12 LV bushings acc. to DIN 42530 with flat terminal acc to
  • 13 Earth connection BM 12 DIN 48088
  • 21 Rating plate
  • 22 Terminal marking plates
  • 31 Bidirectional rollers DIN 42561
  • 32 Lifting lugs also for active part including cover
  • 33 Hauling lugs also for bi-directional shifting of the transformer
  • 34 Hauling lugs
  • 41 Oil drain device DIN 42551
  • 42 Filling tube with female thread G 1½ A
  • 61 Thermometer pocket T DIN 42554
  • 91 Off-circuit tap changer for setting HV tappings

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