OTC Services Inc. becoming part of the SGB-SMIT Group

Louisville. A new chapter in the corporate history of OTC Services Inc. in Louisville/Ohio has begun. The repair plant for power transformers is to become part of the SGB-SMIT Group, one of the leading transformer manufacturers worldwide. OTC Services Inc. was founded in 2007 as an offshoot of MTC Transformers. The new owner will take over all 44 OTC employees, anticipating a significant expansion of operations in Louisville in the years to come. 

“The takeover by SGB-SMIT is good news for our employees. We will become part of a transformer manufacturer which is active worldwide and has a strong market position in Europe, Asia and America,” said Robert Ganser, Chairman of OTC. “This opens up prospects for additional business and new jobs in Louisville,” he added. For the time being, the transfer will not entail any changes for our customers and business partners. Our proven services and contacts will remain the same. 

SGB-SMIT looks back on almost 100 years of experience in transformer production. The company runs five production sites in four countries with 1,300 employees: Regensburg and Neumark (Germany), Nijmegen (Netherlands), Nilai (Malaysia) and Golden/Colorado. In Golden, the company has been assembling cast-resin transformers – primarily for wind parks – since 2010. In the future, OTC will become the sixth production site in the SGB-SMIT Group.

The aim is to create additional jobs
OTC will enhance the US business of the SGB-SMIT Group, adding maintenance and repair of transformers. SGB-SMIT plans to expand its US business significantly in the years to come. “We will especially do our utmost to stabilize the orders situation so as to secure the jobs in Louisville long-term and to create new ones,” the CEO emphasized, adding that the proven brand OTC and the logo will also be maintained within the larger group of companies.

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