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Our transformers are now E3 certified

We are proud to inform you that our new generation transformers passed the environment test E3. Designed to environmental Class E3 means they are resistant to heavy pollution, frequent condensation and 95% humidity. The test contains of two parts: condensation and humidity penetration test. For the humidity penetration test the transformer was kept in a test chamber with min. 95% humidity for 144 hours. After this period, the applied voltage test (AV) and induced withstand voltage test with 80 % of standardised values were carried out successfully. During the whole test there was no collapse of voltage, no flashovers or damages.

All our standard transformers are now designed, tested and certified to comply with the IEC’s stringent environmental, climatic and flammability standards E3, C2 and F1.

Beside this, Gravity Line technology was succesfully tested for up to C4 class. All the transformers are suitable for storage at -50 and operation at -40 °C.

To see the full test report, click here.

Application possibilities of Gravity Line transformers

The high-voltage windings of Gravity Line transformers are encapsulated in resin. This provides a protection against moisture, dust and industrial pollution. Thanks to this technology, transformers are flexible in the installation, easy to use and have a maintenance-free life cycle.

Our standard transformers are commonly used for distribution power grids. Their self-extinguishing feature (F1 class), allows the installation inside public buildings like hospitals, hotels and airports where preventing the risk of fire is a must.

Their capability to withstand high humidity and polluted atmosphere (E3 class) allows the installation in mines, paper mills, wastewater treatment plant, Oil & Gas systems or cement factories. Cast Resin Transformers are suitable for extreme temperatures (C2 class) allowing the installation in low temperatures areas.

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Does your application require more?

The Gravity Line technology fulfils the test criteria equivalent to E3/C4 classes as described by IEC 60076-11. We are able to adjust our standard product to meet your requirements.

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