SGB Regensburg delivers first 354 kV transformer

Renewable energies are no longer just an alternative - they are an integral part of the energy mix, worldwide. And they have outgrown their former niche: Today, wind, water or solar power are the pacesetters of the energy sector. This is demonstrated by the fact that SGB Regensburg supplies the transformer with the highest voltage in its company history (354 kV / 115 MVA) to a large wind farm.

In January 2021, this power transformer successfully passed all final tests and is being prepared for acceptance by the client and for transport to its installation site in the USA. "This test marks the convincing completion of a challenging project," says Franz Schatzl, Technical Director Power Transformers at SGB. "The fact that we have designed, engineered and built a true record-breaking transformer at such a difficult time for all companies and their employees, is proof of the efficiency and collegial commitment of our teams. All the employees involved in this power transformer gave their best as true team players across all departments. The result is a milestone that impressively represents the successful development of SGB Regensburg."

Apart from its power and voltage, the new SGB transformer also impresses with other properties. One characteristic of regenerative energies is that power generation must take place where the natural energy is available. Particularly in the case of wind turbines, the external conditions are not always the best, and the energy generation and distribution technology must be equipped to deal with them. This is also the case with this transformer: It is installed near Albuquerque, in the desert highlands of New Mexico / USA. It was equipped for its use approx. 2,400 meters above sea level and features an earthquake-resistant design for medium seismic zones. Since SGB Regensburg has many years of experience in the field of regenerative energy and has already built and supplied several transformers for wind and solar projects in the USA for this customer, it was possible to draw on the corresponding expertise in environmental influences.

The SGB-SMIT Group congratulates the Regensburg site on this achievement! We are all delighted about this further milestone, which further strengthens the Group's position on the international energy markets.

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