Everything in flux: SBG Neumark responds to enormous market demand

As a global provider in the field of energy transport and distribution, we have an enormously broad base – and at the same time, we have specialists who can dedicate themselves to a specific market segment: This is what distinguishes the group structure of SGB-SMIT. An example of this versatile specialization is the group member SBG from Neumark in Saxony, where the company has been concentrating on the market segment of renewable energies for many years. So successful, in fact, that the colleagues at SBG devised a new production strategy to meet the high customer demand while maintaining the proverbial SBG quality:

The SDT3000 project was set up for the desired production optimization with the aim of significantly increasing the output of distribution transformers in the power range of 2 – 5 MVA with existing capacities.

A central element for achieving this goal is the continuous flow production: A continuous flow makes it possible to design processes and workflows efficiently and to reduce waste such as searching time and transit times. The entire assembly process was included and the material supply was also optimized.

To achieve flow production, machines were moved, storage areas were centralized, picking was introduced and the provision of standard parts and additional tools directly at the line was improved. This reorientation of the line is the prerequisite for the investment in a (partially) automated conveyor system to further optimize the flow. One of the visible signs of the innovation is a planning table showing the current status of all transformers to be assembled. Within the framework of SDT3000, major milestones have already been reached – for which we would like to thank all employees involved. With this project, an important contribution was made to the further development of the Neumark site and its competitiveness.


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