Challenge perfectly mastered.

SGB Regensburg installs more efficient overhead crane without affecting production flow.

In fast motion, it seems almost easy and playful. But in fact, SGB Regensburg and the suppliers with their specialist teams performed a perfectly choreographed, joint tour de force during the 2020 Christmas vacations.

Within a few days, from December 23 to January 5, the existing indoor crane in the production hall of our Medium Power Transformers division was replaced by a new, more powerful and more efficient model.

The big challenge here was that the old crane had to remain operational until assembly was completed, and the hall had to be almost completely cleared out beforehand to make room for the necessary telescopic loaders, working platforms and mobile cranes.

The ambitious schedule was adhered to exactly: Just two weeks after production stopped in the hall and half a year after the order was placed, the new crane was satisfactorily accepted. Another two days later, production in the hall started again - but now supported by the new indoor crane with a lifting capacity of 125 tons and a span of 23 meters. The new model is not only more powerful and faster than its predecessor, but also weighs 20 tons less. This all adds up to a productivity gain of 20 percent.

No disruption to production, smooth assembly and trouble-free commissioning: SGB Regensburg would like to thank all those involved for their commitment and outstanding performance!

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