SBG Neumark: Order for almost 200 transformers for Brazilian wind farm

Brazil is currently undergoing a major energy turnaround. It is true that around 80% of electricity production is already generated with renewable energy in the form of hydropower. However, Brazil is re-orienting itself because it is also struggling with periods of drought and the construction of large dams is increasingly viewed critically. Due in part to the prevailing wind conditions, the most populous country in South America is increasingly relying on wind energy.

Soon another wind farm with a capacity of almost 600 megawatts is to be built in Brazil - and our group member SBG Neumark secured the order to supply the transformers for each of its almost 200 turbines!

SBG's strategy of establishing itself as a highly qualified and specialized niche supplier of transformer solutions for renewable energies is thus paying off. Distribution transformers are developed and produced at the Saxon site of the SGB-SMIT Group, which fit exactly into the requirement profile of such wind projects. They withstand even the most adverse weather conditions, are extremely low-maintenance and, with their intelligent transformer design, can even be used in confined spaces, such as in the nacelle.

The main assembly of the wind turbines takes place on site in Brazil. This year, SBG Neumark will deliver approx. 100 ordered transformers to South America and accompany the assembly in the turbines. The second delivery, planned for early 2020, will be approximately the same size.

Our colleagues from SBG Neumark were able to secure this high-volume order thanks to their proven efficiency and expertise in the field of renewable energies. The entire SGB-SMIT Group congratulates and looks forward to further innovations and success stories from the group member SBG Neumark!


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