SBG Neumark mingles with power plant operators

The topic of "Corporate Social Responsibility" moves the entire SGB-SMIT Group: All members are aware of the obligation of companies to also show responsibility in socially relevant topics such as the environment, education and health, and to orient themselves towards ethical values.

The Saxon member of the SGB-SMIT Group, SBG Neumark, has taken a step towards renewable energies in the context of these efforts and set up a photovoltaic system. The "own power plant" is both an ecological obligation and an economic imperative for the colleagues in Neumark. The PV plant supports the site's own energy requirements in an environmentally friendly way and is thus also intended to compensate for the long-term increase in electricity procurement costs. Thanks to the 10-year hire-purchase model, the plant's break-even point can also be reached particularly quickly.

The technical infrastructure for a PV system was already created in 2011 during the planning of the new hall construction for the production of the compact stations. As a company that supplies large customers from the solar and wind energy industry, the installation of a solar power plant was only logical for SBG - and a fast, smooth installation was a matter of honour. And so, in May and June 2019, the Neumark colleagues needed just eight weeks to build the system, complete a transformer station and prepare for the grid connection. Since July 2019, the PV system has produced a yield of around 290,000 kWh/year for the plant's own consumption. The PV system from SBG Neumark in figures:

  • 1,072 PV modules with an individual output of 320 W
  • 6 inverters of different power ratings
  • Transformer station for connection to the 10 kV medium-voltage grid
  • Power 343 kW (peak)

Ecological commitment that is also sustainable from an economic point of view: SBG Neumark shows with the construction of the PV plant that social responsibility can also become an entrepreneurial profit. An inspiring lighthouse project for the entire SGB-SMIT Group!


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