Hard facts, soft factors: Social responsibility in the SGB-SMIT Group

What constitutes a group of companies, how successful it is and how its image is perceived, can be partly illustrated by facts and figures - but not only: more and more corporate values are gaining in importance that cannot be measured in units. Nevertheless, they have an immense impact on sustainable success, future security and branding.

Such soft factors influence the way companies are perceived in all directions: Whether employees, customers, suppliers or investors - they all benefit from an employee or client, a partner or an investment with a reliable ethical compass and the will to assume responsibility.

Just as the soft skills of qualified employees have been part of a complete profile for years, companies must increasingly be measured by such soft factors. This, of course, also includes the SGB-SMIT Group. It has also become good practice for us that the group members put the figures on the table when submitting an offer - and a presentation of their social values right next to it. More and more clients not only want to know the conditions under which a project is realised, but also whether the partner is acting within the framework of its own social guidelines. Some of our customers have even developed a points system to allow the social and ethical attitude of the applicants to flow into the objective decision-making process as a monetary factor.

The SGB-SMIT Group has defined its own values in a summary of its Corporate Social Responsibility. This is divided into the chapters "Values and Ethics", "Social Issues" and "Environment". But which concrete values characterise the SGB-SMIT Group and which regulations apply? Here is a short excerpt of our Corporate Social Responsibility:

1. Values and Ethics

  • Code of Conduct for employees and suppliers
  • Compliance system
  • Regular training on labour law and data protection

2. Social Issues

  • Occupational health management and promotion of employee health
  • Canteen dishes for a conscious diet
  • Charity commitment
  • Promotion of professional development
  • Cooperation with schools, vocational schools and universities

3. Environmental Responsibility

  • Sustainability reports
  • Carbon footprint for transformers

Whether for employee recruiting, customer acquisition or branding, the importance of soft factors is increasing. The SGB-SMIT Group has long been aware of this significance and presents itself at all locations as a company that likes to be measured by its responsible, sustainable and attentive actions.


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