Electricity from a trailer: mobile solution for uninterruptible power supply

You can also find a member of the SGB-SMIT Group in the South-East Asian region: SGB MY is domiciled in Malaysia, to be more precise, south of its capital Kuala Lumpur. This location forms a supporting pillar of the entire Group’s production and at the same time is the gateway to the emerging Asian countries which all have in common a marked demand for a stable energy supply. Those countries also include the Philippines: the insular state counts among the "Next Eleven" - a group of countries which, according to economists, are on the threshold to a significant economic upswing.

However, the flourishing economy and development of the infrastructure also increase the demand for the supply, generation and distribution of energy, all the more regarding a state which is spread out over 7,000 islands. The problems faced by the Philippine energy supply companies include an uninterrupted power supply during maintenance and refurbishment works on the substations. One of the energy supply companies contacted SGB MY with a specific request:

SGB MY was commissioned to implement the idea of a mobile substation mounted on a trailer. The bill of technical specifications was indeed comprehensive: the substation had to be as mobile as possible and at the same time as powerful as required. The overall height also had to be taken into consideration: numerous height limitations such as overhead bridges in the supply area meant that the transformer design had to be adapted to a low profile. This challenge was addressed and mastered by the engineering team of SGB MY in an exemplary fashion. The result: a transformer mounted on a trailer which can be used flexibly to provide a temporary power supply at numerous different locations.

In April 2014, the first unit of 20/25MVA, 69/13.8kV mobile substation transformers was manufactured and delivered to the Cebu province. After this mobile design had proved its worth during rough assignments, our customer decided to order additional "transformer trailers". The second transformer, with a minor facelift, but otherwise of identical design, was manufactured in December 2016. Our customer has already announced that he will order at least three additional units by 2020.

A tropical climate, changing operation sites and precarious road conditions not only in the rainy season: the mobile transformers of SGB MY have to face many more challenges than only "electrical power". The SGB-SMIT Group is pleased to note that the design developed by    SGB MY also works reliably under such conditions and has been extremely well received on the part of the customer.