e.POWER issue 03|2012

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SGB-SMIT group inaugurates sales office in "down under"

By opening its own sales office in Australia, SGB MY Malaysia was able to set an important milestone in its and in the Group‘s history. The branch was opened in Melbourne, the second largest city in the country. From there, SGB MY plans to develop the growth market Australia.... 

SGB-SMIT group establishes cast resin transformers in russia

SGB has been delivering cast resin transformers to Russia for several years now. The expansion of our sales partner base, in particular - with four independent agents currently working for us - and our continuous presence at trade fairs enabled us to develop Russia to become the... 

SGB-SMIT group continues to invest

The SGB-SMIT Group, with production facilities in 5 countries (The Netherlands, Germany (2), Malaysia and the USA) continues to invest. The aim behind all investments  - (those that have been realized recently and those that are planned) - is to continuously improve the... 

SGB-SMIT group shares knowledge with customers

One of the possible ways to keep knowhow on transformers up-to-date is to share information with our design experts in order to become aware why our transformers are so special. That is the reason why the SGB-SMIT Group actively supports events of this nature, bringing customers... 

Zesco kafues gorge hydro power plant gsu exchange project, zambia

In February 2011, SMIT Transformatoren B.V. signed a contract with ZESCO Ltd. ZESCO is the  Zambian state owned power utility company. The contract scope was the design, supply, delivery, testing, commissioning and installation of four GSU power transformers for the most... 

Market entry in Kyrgyzstan

The SGB-SMIT Group has entered a new market. The Regensburg factory has brought its first project in the state of Kyrgyzstan in Central Asia to a successful conclusion. At the end of 2012, a three-phase power transformer with 125 MVA and 110 kV was delivered to the Kyrgyz power... 

transformer service at wind turbines

Transformers as close to the power source as possible A wind power plant is used to transform wind power into electrical energy. To supply the energy to the grid as three-phase electricity, a transformer is required. The transformer may be located next to, but outside of the... 

oval core and coil geometry for oil cooled distribution transformers

Driven by the material cost development for crude copper and textured tape, SBG was forced to initiate a change-over to aluminium as winding material for oil-cooled distribution transformers. After using aluminium strip for the LV strip winding for several years, as of 2011,...