e.POWER issue 02|2012

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Ships fill up with electrical power at the port

New applications for cast-resin transformers made by SGB The State of California has stipulated that ships moored in the harbour will have to reduce exhaust emissions as of 2014. Supply will be effected from land. This is more environmentally compatible than producing... 

Turn-key exchange of 3 transformers at the nuclear site of EDF in Gravelines, France

Under the leadership of Bart Schillings, project manager at Smit Transformatoren, three (3) Smit transformers (single-phase 360MVA) were exchanged on a turn-key basis at the nuclear site of EDF in Gravelines, France. Bart Schilling‘s responsibility covered the following... 

Sustainability report of SGB-SMIT group

In a market economy, the “hard facts” such as price, product quality and speed of delivery have for quite some time ceased to be the only factors that count. Customers increasingly want to know under which conditions the products have been manufactured. Does the manufacturer try... 

Low-noise transformers for predistribuce

In September 2011, SGB Regensburg received from PREdistribuce, the energy supply company of Prague, the contract for delivery of 3 ea. 40 MVA mains transformers for the 110/23 kV grid. Due to the local conditions, the customer requested a sound pressure level in operation of 46... 

Expansion in the USA

Repair specialist OTC Services to join the SGB-SMIT Group The SGB-SMIT Group is continuing to expand its USA business. With OTC Services in Louisville, Ohio, the Group is to take over a specialist in repair and upgrading of power transformers. Existing in its present form since... 

Service: interfacial tension

Interfacial tension is a much-discussed topic in conjunction with routine oil checks, primarily of older transformers. This part of the routine checks which is performed at Smit Transformer Services in its own oil laboratories, is frequently confused with breakdown voltage, due... 

Technology conference in the world cultural heritage

International attention for the transformer symposium of the SGB-SMIT Group Not many of the tourists strolling through Regensburg's historic city center during the past few days would have been able to make sense of the title at all. "Thermal simulation via CFD for... 

One in five distribution transformers comes from Neumark

SBG delivers its 150,000th unit to a medium-sized company from Brandenburg Recently, the team from Sächsisch-Bayerische Starkstrom-Gerätebau GmbH (SBG) had a reason to celebrate. On 4 June 2012, the company delivered its 150,000th distribution transformer produced in the Saxon...